On Tour with Champian Fulton

In April 2016, Champian and I along with Adi Meyerson and Ben Zweig loaded a minivan and took off across America.  This is something Champian loves to do (tour the USA) and it gets me out of NYC for a while, so we do it a couple of times a year.  This tour proved to be great as we had Adi on bass and Ben on drums.  These two young players are super talented and serious about the music.  We played an interesting gig in St. Louis for the dedication of the new Clark Terry Mural in Carondelet (south St. Louis).  These people were excited to have us and very interested in my connection to Mr. Terry.  The artist, Ray Harvey was present and also a fascinating guy.  The turnout was huge and very upbeat.  Clark would have been so proud and overjoyed to see the beautiful 900 square foot mural of him on the side of this building in the neighborhood where he grew up.  It was a moving experience for me.  Of course I was playing the flugelhorn Clark gave me for my birthday in 1997.  From there we moved on through Missouri, Oklahoma, Ohio, and in Kansas we went to the Jazz Museum and visited Bird's horn and grave and Jay McShann's piano.  The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is there and was full of history.  And on this tour we liked to eat.  Mexican food in Oklahoma, BBQ in Kansas City, steaks in Missouri  along with Whataburgers and Crackerbarrels every where.  We stayed in some great hotels (including one with Justin Beiber in Tulsa) All of us had a ball and the band sounded better and better on every performance.  On the road with The Champian Fulton Quartet...the best way to spend April. 


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